The Ghost Town Arts Collective is a non-profit, arts cooperative based in the Texoma region that has been supporting and nurturing the arts since 2007. We are dedicated to creating an open space for the arts community to experiment, share, and connect, and for the community at large to experience the creative process through participation, appreciation, and education. For this purpose, we have established a makerspace for hosting artistic workshops and classes as well as hosting gallery exhibitions showcasing visual and performance art, music, dance, spoken word, poetry, creative writing, bookmaking, and film created by members of our community.

What Drives Us

Creating culture in our community by supporting and nurturing the arts is a core part of our mission. There are so many talented artists and artisans in the Texoma region and the Ghost Town Arts Collective want to celebrate those talented individuals, and as a result, the Texoma region will become known for its arts community.